Hamish – Kitty of the Week


Hamish can be timid and shy, but once he gets to know you, he is a massive snuggly bug. He has a gentle nature, and gets on extremely well with the other cats in the house. When Hamish feels scared, he will go and find a dark corner to snuggle himself into, but once he feels safe and secure, he is happy to be wherever you are. Hamish can be very social, and loves to race around the house with the other cats and kittens, and when he is not on him Mum and Dad’s bed, he can usually be found snuggling up to another cat or two

Hamish’s gentle nature means that he would be a good fit for most households, and would love a furry sibling or two, as he gets a bit lonely on his own.


Foster Carers Needed


Even though kitten season is over, our foster carers are still full up with rescues.

If you’d like to help save kitty lives please consider being a foster carer. Little Paws covers vet costs, flea, worming and desexing. You just need to provide quality food and litter and be able to transport them to the Little Paws vet.

Please click on the link to complete the application form.

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