Kitty of the Month


We would like to introduce Addy. He is an imported spotted tabby Egyptian Mau and his colouring is stunning silver.

He is an extremely active cat and still loves to play; he loves to show off his hunting prowess by chasing and retrieving toys. When he is awake, he is always on the go and loves to climb.

He is extremely smart and loves to be challenged with toys that he has to get things out of or that he has to figure out. Watch him closely as he is really quick at figuring it all out.

He loooooooves to get a good scratch behind the ears, and will boof at your hand to make sure that he gets that pat.

He would prefer a quieter house, with no dogs, other cats or small children. He needs to go with owners that are experienced in owning a Bengal or an Egyptian Mau (or high strung cats).

Foster Carers Needed


If you’d like to help save kitty lives please consider being a foster carer. Little Paws covers vet costs, flea, worming and desexing. You just need to provide quality food and litter and be able to transport them to the Little Paws vet in the Loganlea area.

Please click on the link to complete the application form.

Apply to become a foster carer.

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