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Indie – Seeking Sponsorship

Indie Seeking Sponsorship


Indie came to Little Paws as a very shy little kitten. 2 years later she is still very shy and seems scared of human interaction, which made it very difficult for prospective new families to meet her. Indie is secure and happy in her foster carers home and enjoys the company of other kitties. She will now stay with her foster carer for the rest of her life.

Many of our cats require ‘long term foster care’ for various reasons such as age and health issues. You can assist our carers by sponsoring a cat for $20.00 per month (or more if you prefer). This money will go directly to the cat’s food, litter, vaccinations, worming and flea treatment. As a Little Paws sponsor, you will receive details of your cat and a sponsorship certificate. You will also have the opportunity to visit your cat and even apply to adopt him or her if your circumstances change.

If you would like to sponsor Indie please email Deb at

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Simmo – Cat of the Week

  Simmo is a handsome and dignified tabby gentleman with beautifully symmetrical white markings on his nose and paws. He may look serious in his photos but he has a very expressive face. He has been waiting for his furrever home for two years. While he’s been with his foster mum, he has learned to be more outgoing.… More…

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Possum – Cat of the Week

  Possum is a very sweet and playful little fellow. He had a bit of rough start to life as he was abandoned by his mother and left on his own when he was only a couple of weeks old. Luckily he was handed over to Little Paws where one of the mother cats looked… More…

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Felicity – Cat of the Week

  Miss Felicity, answers to Missy and Flick. She is a quiet unessuming little lady.  She loves to have a game with the other fosters and is keen to look under the enclosure fence at the neighbouring little dogs. She spends large patches of time playing with a pingpong ball or a cotton bud.  She… More…

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Irene – Cat of the Week

  Irene is a calico stumpy tailed Manx who loves to accompany you everywhere and relax on your lap in the evenings.  She will reach up for a cuddle and is first to greet you at the door. Irene is a very chatty cat who is fine with other cats but can be wary around… More…

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Claudette – Cat of the Week

  This gorgeous girl is Claudette. She is a Domestic Short Hair with Black Smoke colouring; her hair is black on the ends but creamy white underneath. Claudette is a very friendly, gentle girl who loves to follow you around the house, and sleep on your bed – and enjoys being stroked and a good… More…

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