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Nathan – Cat of the Week

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Nathan is a gorgeous black and white ball of fluff. He is affectionate and snuggly and likes nothing more than to cuddle up on your feet whenever you sit still. He is playful and charming, and enjoys chasing fluffy mice and feathers around the house, but his absolute favourite toy is the red dot.

Nathan gets on well with the other cats in the household, but has had no experience with dogs at this stage. He has had a small amount of exposure to young children, but seemed to cope reasonably well, and his foster parents believe he would settle in okay with a family who had young children.


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Tippy – Seeking Sponsorship

  Hi everyone, my name is Tippy and I am a stunning white and tabby male cat. I was found by a lovely man one day at a factory where he was working and he managed to rescue me and take me to Little Paws. I have been with my Little Paws carer for approximately… More…

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