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Kitty of the Week


Neka is a special girl who will require a special human. She has obtained the nickname ‘stalker’ for the simple reason she always wants to around you, watching, but prefers not to get too close. She has a great love for food that will be very obvious if you see her as she resembles a small barrel with legs. She is still a real beauty and would be perfect for someone who wants a cat that is around all the time assessing, and possibly judging, everything you do. She will allow pats when she gets used to someone, which may take a while, but will often have a look on her face like you’re doing it wrong. Are you her other half?? If so give her carer a call.

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Belle – Cat of the Week

Belle is a beautiful silver tabby girl who just loves to be around people and is very affectionate. Belle would suit a home with gentle older children or a mature family and is not suitable to a home with dogs. If you are looking for a gentle loving girl who will make a wonderful companion,… More…

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