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Kitty of the Month


We would like to introduce Addy. He is an imported spotted tabby Egyptian Mau and his colouring is stunning silver.

He is an extremely active cat and still loves to play; he loves to show off his hunting prowess by chasing and retrieving toys. When he is awake, he is always on the go and loves to climb.

He is extremely smart and loves to be challenged with toys that he has to get things out of or that he has to figure out. Watch him closely as he is really quick at figuring it all out.

He loooooooves to get a good scratch behind the ears, and will boof at your hand to make sure that he gets that pat.

He would prefer a quieter house, with no dogs, other cats or small children. He needs to go with owners that are experienced in owning a Bengal or an Egyptian Mau (or high strung cats).

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Belle – Cat of the Week

Belle is a beautiful silver tabby girl who just loves to be around people and is very affectionate. Belle would suit a home with gentle older children or a mature family and is not suitable to a home with dogs. If you are looking for a gentle loving girl who will make a wonderful companion,… More…

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Thea and Lydia

  Thea is a gorgeous domestic shorthair tabby. She is an extremely affectionate kitten and will take any chance to curl up on someone’s lap give you kisses and fall asleep. Thea’s personality is one that cannot be described in words. She is one of a kind, so meeting her is a must. Thea gets… More…

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Rhys – Cat of the Week

Rhys is a beautiful and loving Maine Coon cross who is approximately 9 years old who came to Little Paws as a stray. He is a very gentle and loving boy who is currently like an uncle to the other foster kitties in care. He would make a wonderful companion for anyone but of course… More…

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Foster Carers Needed

If you’d like to help save kitty lives please consider being a foster carer. Little Paws covers vet costs, flea, worming and desexing. You just need to provide quality food and litter and be able to transport them to the Little Paws vet in the Loganlea area. Please click on the link to complete the… More…

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McNugget – Kitten of the Week

McNugget is a very active and playful little Abyssinian cross kitten who would make a wonderful companion for a house that already has a feline or one looking to have an individual furrbaby all to their self. He would also be suited to gentle children but has been untested with dogs. This little man takes… More…

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Savvy is a friendly girl with a really big heart who thrives on lots of attention and affection. She is playful and loves to follow you around and to see what’s happening. She is looking for the peaceful stability of a forever home where she can settle in and make someone a wonderful companion. She… More…

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Nutmeg – Seeking Sponsorship

  Nutmeg came to Little Paws as a very frightened, skinny, sad young mummy with flu, whose kittens had been taken away from her and sold and she was being given away on Gumtree. With lots of love and care, Nutmeg has blossomed into the less frightened, less shy young lady that she is today.… More…

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Bronson – Cat of the Week

  Bronson is a lovely blue boy. Bronson is an affectionate and friendly boy who loves company. He really likes to cuddle and will follow you around the house. He is fine living with other cats, but would probably prefer to be an only cat household or with one other cat. Contact his carer to… More…

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Patrick – Seeking Sponsorship

Patrick is a male Domestic Short Hair cat with blue and white fur.  He is approximately 6 ½ years old.  Patrick has a very sad history.  He was abandoned to fend for himself on the streets and has really struggled to survive.  He was living under a hedge near a busy road leading into a… More…

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