Heya there, I am Fidget, I am called this and I am constantly on the go, even in my sleep I can have a bit of a paw twitch that goes on. I am adorabbuble and always have a little bit of a concerned look on my face even when I am in the happiest mood. I am a little snuggle bum and now that my brothers have left I love to curl up on my foster mummy’s lap or on her legs, and she says that I am the best hot water bottle.

I am an adventurous kitten and love to be around my follow my foster mummy around the house just to make sure that I do not miss out on any of the action or an extra sneaky pat.
I am a little bit of a clumsy kitten, I blame it on my paws they seem to always get in the way of where I am going, so I fall off the couch and cat tower often, I am just lucky that I am a kitten so I land on my feet. But none of this phases me; and I climb straight back up on the horse.

I am a really playful kitten and my foster mummy is always is laughing at the commitment that I have to playing with toys. I can hear my favourite toy from the other end of the house and I will gallop down the hallway at full pace to make sure that I do not miss out on any playtime. I am hugely acrobatic as I fly through the air to catch the mouse on a string or the ball that you have thrown and my big paws and lean long legs mean that I can catch pretty much anything that whizzes past me.

All Little Paws kitties come to you vet checked, desexed, vaccinated, micro chipped, wormed, flea treated and litter trained. As we are a rescue group, the adoption fee is not negotiable. Little Paws kitties are indoor or cat enclosure only and must go to homes that intend them to stay that way, for their safety and health and for the environment. It is our foster carer’s choice as to which home a kitty goes to. We match kitties to their new family; we do not necessarily “sell” to the first caller. As our foster carers are all volunteers raising kitties in their own home, we would appreciate a call if you cannot make an appointment.

Available For:
Dual Adoption:
Child Friendly:
Cat Friendly:
Dog Friendly:
Adoption Fee:
Logan Central
$195 (includes microchip, vaccinations, worm and flea treatment (to date) and desexing.)

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