Cats for Seniors/Retirees

Cats for Senior Citizens/Retirees.

We have had a few cats come back into our care recently, from our Seniors Program. These are cats that were placed with Senior Citizens/Retirees whose circumstances have now sadly changed and they can no longer look after their companion.

Some of our Seniors cats are older cats, some are ex-mummy cats. All are friendly and outgoing and looking for love and companionship.

There are many studies that extol the benefits of feline company to older people. Some of these include:
– reduced loneliness
– increased ability to better cope with stressful situations
– increased social and verbal interactions
– the care and attention required by pets helps seniors to stay more active and healthier.
– establish routine
– improve general wellbeing

Little Paws takes care of the veterinary needs of the cat, vaccinations, worm and flea treatments etc. Our Seniors Coordinator comes out to visit the Senior/Retiree periodically in their own home and is available by phone should you have any questions.

The retiree only needs to provide food, litter, safety and love for their kitty. As per Little Paws policy, these cats are house cats and are moved to the Senior Citizen/Retiree’s home on the understanding that they remain that way. The cat always remains owned by Little Paws.

If you know a Senior Citizen/ Retiree who would like the company of a cat, please send us an email at with your/ the senior/retiree’s contact details and we will call you with details of the application process.