Cuddles – Cat of the Week

As Cuddles missed out on finding his furrever home at our adoption day we have decided to make this handsome boy our cat of the week.

Cuddles is a sweet, gentle, relaxed cat. He can be shy to start with but once he gets to know you he loves to be patted and have his cheeks rubbed. He prefers to chill out rather than run around and play. He is a loving uncle to the other foster kittens, looking out for them and grooming them. Cuddles would be better suited to a quiet home.

If you think you have the perfect home for Cuddles and would like to meet him, please contact Alina on 0402 919 031 or

cuddles cat of the week
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2 Responses to Cuddles – Cat of the Week

  1. Omg i miss my baby boy im still so depressed that i had to give him up he will always be my special baby boy i miss him to death please some adopt him he is a caring loving cat yes he is very shy at first but he loves his cuddles thats why i name him cuddles he loved his Lazar light he used to sleep in bed with me keeping me company or on my pillow keeping me safe he is amazing with kids and kittens if i could have him back home with me id bring him back home with me so fast please i would love to see more pictures of my baby boy it makes me so happy that he is being taken good care of thats why i chose little paws kitten rescue….

    • Hi Catherine

      Cuddles was adopted ages ago so he’s in a happy furrever home. The page you found is not a live page on the website – it’s sitting in the background. I assume you found it by googling it.
      I will be deleting this page after you have hopefully had time to read this comment.

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