Felicity – Cat of the Week

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Miss Felicity, answers to Missy and Flick.

She is a quiet unessuming little lady.  She loves to have a game with the other fosters and is keen to look under the enclosure fence at the neighbouring little dogs.

She spends large patches of time playing with a pingpong ball or a cotton bud.  She also enjoys going off on her own or burrowing under a blanket so that all you can find is a lump in the middle of the bed.  Miss Flick will come up for a cuddle or will rub up against you, just to remind you she is there.  She will be picked up for a cuddle or a little nurse, if not prolonged.  She would rather sit near you on the back of the lounge.  She loves to be kissed and told she is precious.

So if you are looking for loving company, without being a demanding cat, then Felicity is your girl.


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