Available for Adoption

Please find below cats or kittens currently seeking adoption.  If you would like to adopt any one of the gorgeous kitties on this page, please CONTACT THE FOSTER CARER LISTED IN THE KITTY’S PROFILE.




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  1. I am interested in Zaiha and Molly. I have a dog who has grown up with cats. Cos she is big girl must have a cat who is used to dogs.

    • Hi Robyn
      If you are interested in Ziah or Molly, please contact their foster carers directly to organise to meet the cats. Thank you.

    • Hi Manan
      Please contact the foster carer directly to enquire about Hamish. I believe he is still available.
      Thank you

  2. Yvonne scott You have 3 I like although I can only have1, Mystique, Tiana and Rogue, I would prefer a girl, but I’m not that fussy. I live in Townsville and it is a bit far to travel but would be happy to make arrangements to have it sent up. Does that present a problem, my cat preferably young, would be an inside cat and be loved to death, our children have left home so there will be no one to mishandle it, though my children had cats and they never did, as animals deserve to be treated with love and kindness.

    • Hi Yvonne
      Mystique and Rogue have both already been adopted. Tiana is still available at this time, but confirm this with the foster carer listed in her profile. We have previously adopted to people who are not local. Please contact the foster carer to discuss the kitty and your situation in detail.
      Thank you.

    • His ad was only posted yesterday. Please contact his foster carer directly to see if you can meet him.

  3. Hi we are looking for a kitten to go with our six month old kitten we already have as we’ve just lost our old cat and our kitten misses it have you any available we are in the county at hemyock

    • Hi Annalee
      All our kittens are located in the Brisbane and Logan area with various foster carers. Little Paws kittens must go to a home where they are 100% indoors. Please look through the available kittens on this page and contact the foster carer directly for any questions.

    • Hi Janet
      Bella’s profile is still advertised so she is still available as far as I am aware. Please contact the foster carer directly with any questions. Thank you.

  4. Hi, I’m really keen on adopting a male rag doll kitten, or a grey fluffy male kitten. Please call Leah on 0429 51 51 58.

    • Hi Leah
      We usually don’t have purebred cats or kittens, though sometimes they are surrendered or we rescue them from the pound. You just need to keep an eye on the available cats and kittens. We don’t have any pure ragdoll males right now. We have a grey and white male kitten called Turbo available for adoption, but he is a short hair.

      • Is turbo still available ? Pls contact me on 0438960745

        Lady above if you find more then one rag doll pls call me

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