Thank you for you interest in becoming a Little Paws Foster Carer. Our foster carers are a team of wonderful compassionate cat lovers who open their homes and provide a cat or kitten with a second chance at a safe and happy life!

Little Paws’ vets are located in the Logan area. Due to this, we need foster carers located in the Brisbane Southside, Logan or northern Gold Coast areas.

Who needs fostering?

As Little Paws does not have a shelter, all cats or kittens that come into our care are looked after directly by our foster carers. We see a range of cats and kittens coming into care; we are always seeking carers for mummas cats and their kittens, adult cats, kittens (both weaned and unweaned) as well as pregnant mummas.

Requirements of a foster carer?

As a foster carer you are generously asked to provide:

  • a loving, caring, safe environment for you foster cats or kittens to live. All our kittens and cats are to be kept indoors (or in a secure outdoor enclosure) at all times;
  • food and litter; and
  • transport to vet appointments
  • written approval from your landlord if renting
  • written approval from your body corporate if applicable.

Fostering Period

As your foster cat or kitten stays with you till they find their ‘furrever’ home, some animals may only be with you a week or two whilst others may need long term care.

If you would like to open your home and heart and apply to become a Little Paws foster carer please complete the Foster Carer Application Form which can be found by clicking on the underlined link.

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    • Hi Ruthie

      Thanks for your interest in fostering. We are based in the Logan area. If you can provide a safe, loving, secure, indoor home or in a cat run, are willing and able to transport the kitties to our vets who are located in LOGANLEA area, provide food and litter, then Little Paws covers the cost of desexing, worming, flea treatments and vaccinations.

      NOTE: Unfortunately we are not accepting carers who cannot transport their kitties to the Loganlea area easily.

      You can foster if you are renting. Just get written approval from your landlord. If you are in an apartment or complex, check your by-laws as you may need body corporate approval.

      Foster caring is very rewarding. If you are in a situation where you cannot adopt permanently, but want cats in your life, fostering may be the best thing for you.

      If you can help, please click on this link for more information and complete the foster carer application form.

    • Please click on the Foster Carer Application Form link on the page above and complete the form to apply to be a foster carer.

      Thank you!

  1. Hello! I was wondering how long of a wait there is between sending in an application and actually caring for the felines? Also, is there always kittens available to foster or do u have to wait until ones become available?!
    Thank you for your work

    • Hi Georgia
      The foster carer co-ordinator or our President will call you to discuss your application. Next step is a home inspection and our committee confirms you as a foster carer. If there are kittens or cats needing foster care, you may get them after that process has happened. There usually are plenty needing a place at this time of year as it is kitten season. Please be patient however as it is the holidays and people are away from home.

  2. Hi There.
    I am on the Gold Coast. Is this too far or do you have Vets etc in this area? Brisbane and Logan a little far.
    Thank you

  3. Hi

    I work full time and therefore am not home a lot during the week. I love cats and would love to get one but would feel bad leaving them to go to work. What are your thoughts on this.

    • Hi Susan
      Most of our foster carers work full time. This is why each foster carer looks after a minimum of 2 kittens so they have company. 🙂
      Please complete an application form, then our foster carer co-ordinator can chat to you further and answer any other questions you have.
      Thank you for your interest.

  4. Hello, I have found a kitten that is the sweetest little boy. He’s very small and fail.
    I really need someone to foster him as I work standard office hours and he would be locked up inside during this heat and I feel awful. I already have pets and can’t take on anymore. He’s can he held and is happily purring.
    I am in western Sydney

  5. How soon can I foster? Also, if I end up bonding with a kitty and don’t want to give it up to potential adoptors when the time comes, can I adopt it at that point?

    • Hi Lisa

      If you are renting you can foster. You will need to provide written evidence from your landlord and the body corporate that you are authorised to have kittens or cats in the apartment.

      Please complete the foster application form and our co-ordinator can then discuss your situation in more detail.

      Thank you

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