Meet the Mascots

Our gorgeous team of kitty mascots play a big role in the Little Paws team; they attend various events for Little Paws such as our shopping centre displays and interact with the public.

RamaRama – was born in 2007 and is a Pure bred Maine Coon. He naturally took to being the centre of attention and as a kitten and young cat, was taken to cats shows every month. When we started doing the displays, he just had that special temperament and loved going and meeting all the people and showing off. Rama sadly passed away late last year and is now at Rainbow Bridge, RIP beautiful Rama.


OscarOscar was born in 2006 and is a Pure bred Maine Coon. He helps Rama with all the cat displays at the shopping centres we visit and is our main ‘pat a cat’. He is a retired show cat with a very extensive showing career behind him and is very loving and a gentle giant.



Sesame-1024x682Sesame was born 2004 and is a Black Tortie and White girl. She came in as a rescue kitten who was born with no eyelashes and had to undergo several operations to try and fix this problem. Unfortunately the operations were not successful and Sesame is now going blind. She loves to be part of the displays and is showing the public that she is still a star regardless of her sight.


GucciGucci  was born Jan 2004 and is a pure white with one blue eye and one green eye. He was surrendered to us with his companion, little Jordon. Gucci is deaf and has no fear of anything, he is very curious, loves going to displays and will be our main cat who will be doing the nursing home visits. He is very gentle and patient.


KublahKublah was born Sept 2011 and is a Pure Bred Brown Spotted Bengal. He is a natural show off and loves to be around people. He took to doing the displays very well and goes to the occasional cat show.

It takes a very special cat to be a mascot for Little Paws and whether they are pedigree or rescues, they are cats that are willing to help the less fortunate kitties in need of care.

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