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Patrick is a male Domestic Short Hair cat with blue and white fur.  He is approximately 6 ½ years old.  Patrick has a very sad history.  He was abandoned to fend for himself on the streets and has really struggled to survive.  He was living under a hedge near a busy road leading into a shopping centre, too frightened to move during daylight hours and with a dirt bed as his only comfort.  When rescued he was very hungry and dirty with his face and body bearing the many scars of his daily struggle.

Since being rescued, Patrick has been cared for in a loving foster home and is slowly beginning to trust people.  Despite his rough life on the streets, Patrick is a gentle soul and now enjoys scratches under the chin and tummy rubs.  Each morning he welcomes his foster family with a big miaow and comes over for a pat.

Patrick has now been desexed and vaccinated and has had dental surgery for his broken teeth.  His fur which had become very thin due to chronic malnutrition is now starting to grow back.

As a result of living on the streets for so long Patrick has long term health problems which require a special diet and ongoing care.

Many of our cats require ‘long term foster care’ for various reasons such as age and health issues. You can assist our carers by sponsoring a cat for $20.00 per month (or more if you prefer). This money will go directly to the cat’s food, litter, vaccinations, worming and flea treatment. As a Little Paws sponsor, you will receive details of your cat and a sponsorship certificate. You will also have the opportunity to visit your cat and even apply to adopt him or her if your circumstances change.

If you would like to sponsor Patrick please email Deb at


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