Pawfect Endings – Jasmine

jasmineMy husband and I adopted Jasmine in December 2012. We had recently had to say goodbye to our first fur baby at the age of nine in August 2012. She was also a gorgeous tortie! It amazing how similar they are in looks and personality!

Jasmine was very timid for the first couple days we had her home, spending most of her day hiding behind the couch.
On the third night after our two boys had gone to be, she crept into my lap enjoyed some much needed fur smoothing! She gradually

came out of her shell, and eventually let our boys hold and pat her.

Now, 3 months on, she has slotted perfectly into our lives, like it was always meant to be! Jazzy is also become very close to our 8 month old daughter. Jazzy is extremely tolerant to fur pulling and tail chewing. She loves to play with our daughter’s toys, and even cuddles up to her as she is going to bed.

People say you can never replace a lost pet, but Jazzy comes damn close.


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