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Precious is a very elegant black girl with some warm chocolate colors on her belly and on her beautiful fluffy tail. She came to us after she was surrendered to the local pound where she gave birth to her beautiful babies. Although she isn’t a kitten anymore, as she is slightly over two years old now, she still likes to chase little balls throughout the house. Not being a kitten anymore also means that she likes to have some time for herself and therefore will search for a cozy spot in the house, just to chill out or to have a decent nap.

Precious can be talkative sometimes, especially when she knows delicious food is offered to her or when she just wants to get your attention. As most cats, she prefers to be around you so she knows she can have some cuddles at any time. Precious has a sweet and easy going character. She is just an adorable fluffy girl who has plenty of love and affection to give!

Precious isn’t keen on other furry friends in the house as she gets a bit stressed out. On the contrary, the more human friends she has, the more attention and cuddles she will receive, so we think she wouldn’t mind having some (little) human friends.


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