Purrfect Endings

Purrfect Endings

Purrfect Endings – Happy Endings & Furrever Homes.

Do you have a happy cat tale of your Little Paws cat that you’d like to share?

Send us an email to littlepawskr@gmail.com with the subject heading: ‘Purrfect Endings’ and your cat’s name.  Tell us the story of your new addition to your family, including their name, approx. age, adoption date, their funny quirks and habits and your favourite photo.  We’ll feature them (and you) on this page.

We all love happy endings and the best ones are those where our feline friends find their furrever homes!!



This is Leela (previously known as Sugar) who is almost 4 years old. Her foster carer was my sister and Leela was one of her last kittens (my sister was about to start a family and had to fostering) we had unfortunately lost our previous cat to congestive heart failure and had some space in our home and hearts for little Leela in August 2013.

She is quite small for a cat! She loves her human siblings. Leela will sit out and keep my son company outside or curl up on my daughters lap. She is very much a thermal leech. After I go for a run or come back stinky and sweaty from training, she will hunt me down and try to lick my armpits! She’s not a kitty who likes to be picked up but will show affection, make biscuits and head bump us on her own terms. She’s our little darling and we are so grateful to have her in our lives.

Thank you, Amy.


I met Artemis (little blue tabby x russian blue) on February 7th 2015, when we hosted an adoption day at my work (Petstock in Capalaba). I wasn’t looking to adopt another cat, as my boy Ares was such a single child, but I fell in love with her tiny little face and her constant chatter and put a deposit down on her that day. Because she was still too young/hadn’t been desexed yet, she went back with her foster carer Rosemary for another few weeks as I anxiously awaited the day I could pick her up. I spent those weeks buying a bunch of new ‘girly’ cat toys and bowls. Which of course, my big boy thought was all for him. I picked her up on March 12th and brought her home to her new family. She walked around like she owned the place and was always meant to be here. Ares hid in the cupboard for the first 3 days that she was here but slowly ventured out, hissing and checking her out, until I came home from work one day and they were chasing each other around the house and grooming each other. It’s been true love ever since. Artemis has made the perfect addition to our little family and I am so thankful that I found her through Little Paws! She’s incredibly chatty, cheeky and friendly, she loves everyone she meets and will do anything for belly scratches. She follows me around the house like a shadow and has my little sister absolutely smitten! Thank you guys again so much for bringing her into our lives!

Kind Regards, Piéra



Hello! Just thought I’d send through an update on our little paws cat, Vincent (Vinnie). He was adopted in 2012 from Miranda at Stafford and is now four years old.


Vinnie was very small for his age when we adopted him (he was 16 weeks but looked half that) and we soon found out that he has a sensitive gut and just wasn’t processing food as well as he should. He is now thriving on a hypoallergenic diet. Vinnie is a very fabulous little fellow who loves getting butt pats – he will ‘present’ his rear end regularly. He is also a big purrer and very cuddly, gets along well with other animals, and loves his weekly ‘walks’ in the garden.

Thanks, Connie

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