Simmo – Cat of the Week

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Simmo is a handsome and dignified tabby gentleman with beautifully symmetrical white markings on his nose and paws. He may look serious in his photos but he has a very expressive face.

He has been waiting for his furrever home for two years. While he’s been with his foster mum, he has learned to be more outgoing. He can still be a shy boy at first with new people, but when he is in his comfortable surroundings, he will come out and say hello.

From a bit of a bad start in life, Simmo has learned to socialise well with people and has been living with 2 other boy cats. He hasn’t met a dog yet, but he’d adjust pretty well as he is fairly confident once he gets over his initial scaredy cat mode.

Simmo is the ideal companion cat for a person who doesn’t want an “in your face” cat. He loves to sleep on his foster mum’s bed and at times on top of her. When smooches, pats and head bumps are on offer, he accepts with lots of loud purring. He is not a lap cat (as yet), but wants to be near his person. He loves to sit on his foster mum’s shoulder for a short cuddle and purr. When the mood takes him, he will revert to kittenhood and race around with the other cats, batting the various toys around the house. He loves sitting in the sun and sleeping the day away. Simmo likes somewhere high to can jump up to and will be there exploring or snoozing.

Simmo is used to a 9 year old child but doesn’t like noisy younger children. He’d suit a quiet family, couple or single person. He must be an indoor cat or have a cat run for outside.


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