Thea and Lydia

Thea & Lydia 1


Thea is a gorgeous domestic shorthair tabby. She is an extremely affectionate kitten and will take any chance to curl up on someone’s lap give you kisses and fall asleep. Thea’s personality is one that cannot be described in words. She is one of a kind, so meeting her is a must. Thea gets along with other cats and is very friendly towards the dog she is living with. She doesn’t like to be away from her sister, Lydia. She is always sleeping next to her and protecting her from bigger cats as they can get a bit rough with her, this is why they must be adopted together.

Lydia is a domestic shorthair black tortie. She is a very laid back kitten and loves cuddles. Lydia is an extremely gentle and patient kitten which would make her great for families with small children. Lydia gets along great with her sister but she gets bullied by bigger cats as she’s not very strong or big. Lydia’s sister Thea is her best friend and protector so they must not be separated.

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Purrs Thea and Lydia x


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